About Us

Association of Employers and Individual Entrepreneurs Gračanica is a non-profit organisation financed by contributions of its donors and members, as well as other sources in accordance with legal provisions. It was registered in the Cantonal Ministry of Justice and Administration in Tuzla, by decision number: 06/05-3016/01 from 29 May 2001, and decision number: 06/1-05-618/07 from 16 February 2007. The seat of the Association is in Gračanica, Zlatnih ljiljana bb street, Settlement “Luke” S 36/.

Aims, tasks and field of activity of the Association of Employers and Individual Entrepreneurs Gračanica are to encourage and coordinate activities of its members in accomplishing the common aims and tasks, in accordance with the Law on Associations and foundations and other legal regulations, on the basis of its programme aims based on which the Association was established.

Fundamental programme aims of the association, tasks and activities of the members are:

Tasks of the association are directed to the accomplishment of the association’s aims, relating to:

  • – helping members to determine their production-business orientation
  • – helping members in making their business plans and investment programmes,
  • – analysing the business of its members and proposing measures and activities for the improvement of their business,
  • – coordinating business activities of its members with the aim of achieving better business results,
  • – representation of the Association with the aim to appear at the domestic and foreign market (overview of the scope, structure and dynamics of the offer of agricultural products, i.e. goods offered by its members; follow-up of offers and searching for goods in the domestic and foreign market; presentation of the offer and searching for the goods of the Association’s members at fairs and similar manifestations in the country and abroad etc.),
  • – providing help to its members in their cooperation with banks and other savings and loan financial institutions,
    informing members about the most favorable conditions for the engagement of credit funds for current production and investments,
  • – provision of organisation-professional support for its members in selecting, procuring and installing modern information equipment in order to build a unique information system for its members and its connection with other systems in the country and the world, etc.
  • – providing information to the authorities on the level of municipalities, cantons, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina about the results and difficulties in the business operating of its members, in order to use this information in undertaking appropriate measures in the field of the current economic and development policy,
  • – cooperating with authorities in municipalities, cantons and Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of adopting regulations and measures of interest for all its members,
  • – representing the interests of members before the authorities, economic chambers and other associations of which the Association is a member, according to the will of its members,
  • – following regulations and measures on the level of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina which refer to the export-import policy etc. and providing information to its members about its contents
  • – the establishment of a better-organised cooperation with educational, scientific and professional institutions with the aim of fulfilling the interests of all its members, organising training for its members, according to their interests which are the product of their business orientation (lectures, seminars, courses, counselling, professional visits of the Association in the country and abroad, and other types of education),
  • – Organising cooperation with press media, radio and television with the aim of timely, professional, coherent and objective informing of the Association, professional and wide public on the results and difficulties of its members’ business.